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NIOSH N95 Vertical Foldable type Respirator with Valve

Key Specifications:  
  l USA NIOSH approval (Approval number: TC-84A-4991) for N95 respirator.
  l The unique design of the shape with adjustable nose wire and latex-free head strap are for
               optimum comfortable and fit different facial shapes with minimum leakage.
  l Foldable, easy to carry and store.
  l The design of head strap can be convenient to hang the mask on the neck when briefly not
               in use.
  l No staple use to avoid scraping the face.
  l Exhalation valve make breathing easier and reduces hot air build up
  l           Comfortable to wear; high filtration efficiency (over 99.99%) with very low breathing
               resistance and lightweight
  l           Application:
              1) Defense against influenza (avian flu, swine flu) and TB exposure control.             
              2) Reduce wearer exposure to the spray, aerosol of blood and body fluids or non-oil-based
                  particles in a wide range of industrial or clean-room applications and potential
Product packing method:
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